Frequently Asked Questions

ClearDegree is a new concept in education planning for businesses and working professionals, so you may have a lot of questions. Start here for the answers, or Contact Us if you need more information.

How does ClearDegree work?

ClearDegree is a first of its kind service that acts as an Education Concierge for working professionals seeking an online degree. We assist our clients through six major steps (click for details). In summary we interview our clients to create a profile, use the profile and our proprietary database process to generate a matching list of schools, let the client create their own short list, and then conduct in-depth research on the short list to provide complete, unbiased and detailed information to save thousands in time and tuition.

Who should use ClearDegree?

ClearDegree is designed for businesses with working professionals looking for a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree from an online college. ClearDegree is perfect for three types of clients:

Employers who want to help their teams find a great degree at the right price and gain a better educated workforce.
Individuals looking to get a leg up on their career prospects through education.
– Active duty military, veterans and their families who are trying to ensure that their education benefits are used wisely.

How do Employers use ClearDegree?

Employers realize the value of finding and keeping great people and having a better educated workforce. ClearDegree is a terrific perk that employers can use to help their most valuable employees find a fantastic degree program. If a company has a tuition reimbursement program ClearDegree helps get more education for the money.

Don’t have a tuition reimbursement program? ClearDegree Service is still a great way to help employees save thousands in combined research time and tuition spending. More importantly the employee will find a better match for their individual education needs, meaning they are more likely to start AND finish their degree in less time and with more satisfaction.

Why pay ClearDegree for this kind of service? How is it different?

What is your time worth? What is the cost of making a bad decision or paying too much for tuition? ClearDegree clients hire us to be their personal education concierge. Why? While there are lots of free services available to do research, they don’t provide complete, unbiased, and individualized research & negotiation. We work solely for the benefit of the client looking for degree.

Other websites or services provide “free” information because they are paid by schools for advertising or to get your name as a “lead”. You only see what they want you to see and have a limited number of school partners, which means you aren’t getting the full picture.
Businesses that partner with an education consulting firm are matched with a specific set of partner schools. The companies get paid a % of tuition or a fee by the school, severely limiting your options.

Even a great school with a great website will only show you things from their perspective, not yours. Googling and comparing the dozens (or hundreds) of sites needed to make a fair and accurate comparison would take the average person weeks to do.

How long does the ClearDegree process usually take?

Depending on the client’s availability and the school’s responsiveness to us, the entire process usually takes no more than 2 weeks. This includes calls with the client, our research, interviews with the short list of schools and the degree plan.

Why does ClearDegree only research online degrees?

Professionals interested in an on-ground degree typically have only a few options to choose from in their area. Interest in an online program means a great option for you may be anywhere in the country. Thousands of choices makes it worth having a personal consultant to help guide you along the way.

Ready to Get Started?

By consulting with you individually, ClearDegree provides in depth, unbiased and personalized information on online degree programs. As a result our clients save time, save money and find a better fit because the entire experience is about them.