ClearDegree – Addressing What Online Students Need

ClearDegree – Addressing What Online Students Need

Learning House and Aslanian Research recently released their survey of online needs – Online College Students 2018: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences. The survey, which you can access here, is based on responses from 1,500 past, current, and prospective online students. The report indicates the growing preference in online learning (“Nearly 60% of online college students who had a choice between online and on-ground actively chose online learning.”)


We hear from our clients how well ClearDegree fits their needs, but we particularly love it whenever there is empirical evidence of the value of our service. The survey points to several reasons why adults looking to go to college take advantage the research and time/tuition savings of ClearDegree.

From the survey:


  • “Sixty percent of online college students have completed an online course or program prior to their most recent search for an online degree program. This experience may lead them to prematurely rush to a decision on a degree program, as more than half (56%) would change at least one thing they did during the enrollment process.”

Taking an online course does not make anyone an online expert. Leveraging expertise in research, profiling and negotiation is crucial since more than half of students taking the plunge would change something if they could do it over.


  • “Now, we are seeing increased interest in more diverse fields of study. Particularly in the graduate student segment, areas such as computers and IT (15%), health and medicine (16%), and STEM (11%) have seen steady growth compared to 2014 data.”

There are more choices than ever when looking for an online degree program, which means an opportunity to find a program that is an ideal match to you as a student, rather than trying to force the student to match the program. With over 26,000 available programs do you have time and knowledge to do it the right way?


  • 40% of students have not taken an online course previously

​The ClearDegree process includes a discussion of preparation to help ensure you know what to expect in an online course and more importantly if you’re ready for it.

  • 45% of students had NOT decided on a degree program or field of study

Along with preparation, we also discuss preferences in programs and schools in relation to your career goals. The resulting list of options side by side helps make narrowing down the options easier and more decisive.

No surprise here, and while our clients often do NOT go for the lowest cost program, knowing a wide range of costs (and knowing the true bottom line cost) helps them make a better decision and leverage conversations with schools.

  • “The majority (85%) of undergraduates have credits they can transfer into their next program. 68% said they did not or were unsure if they received (Prior Learning Assessments).

This is a huge factor for students looking for a school, and we work with clients to create degree plans combining transfer credits of all types – college, PLAs and alternative credits on a course by course basis with each school on the shortlist.

  • Across the entire online college student population, the average student reaches out to 2.54 schools.

With ClearDegree as a partner, our clients get information on up to 20 schools, and we interview on average six schools on their behalf, each with 40+ questions designed around the client’s profile. The time and effort to do this is what makes the service so worthwhile.

Online learning is getting better and better, and ClearDegree is your partner in making the most of the investment.