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Put Strategic Education Benefits to Work for Your Company

Just how effective are your company’s education benefits? 

You’ve got a tuition reimbursement program in place but are you really seeing the ROI? Sometimes it’s not as easy as just crunching numbers. Check out the ways HR can assess the effectiveness of education benefits and optimize the results to make the most of this compensation for your business. 

Find out how to: 


  • How to tell if your TAP is leaving money on the table

  • The differences in tuition assistance programs, and how they are not created equal

  • A smarter way to approach education benefits

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The right tuition reimbursement program (TAP) benefits the organization and the employee. Yet it remains one of the more underutilized company perks.


Find out why HR and management should encourage employees to take advantage of these opportunities and:


  • What strategic education benefits looks like in today’s organizations

  • How companies directly benefit from employees using TAP 

  • Ways to boost interest in tuition reimbursement opportunities through the company

Investing in today’s Education Benefits as company compensation is no different than offering medical insurance and IRAs. Therefore, you’ll want to implement a strategic tuition reimbursement program that affords ROI for your company. 

Find out how to: 


  • Gauge efficacy of education benefits and quantifying the success

  • Use an education concierge to negotiate tuition and fees for customizable programs 

  • Align employee degree goals with mission-critical objectives for immediate results 

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