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Christine W, Sales

“I’ve always considered going to grad school, but never really knew where to start or what program would work best for me. Working full time and having multiple responsibilities outside of work, I knew that researching grad programs would be extremely time consuming for me.

ClearDegree helped me narrow down my choices and gave me the ability to compare each school to each other in a very organized format. This service provided me with all the tools necessary to determine what school and program worked best for me both personally and financially. All I had to do was pick which school fit my needs best - ClearDegree made my job easy!”

Corey B, Teacher

“The overwhelming scale of a graduate program search discouraged me from starting year after year. [My ClearDegree counselor] was extremely professional, positive, and accessible. His turn-around time was outstanding, and he helped me successfully navigate my options in a way that is clear and straightforward.


When schools wouldn't always give me direct answers, [ClearDegree] did, and I'm ready to start my ideal program.”

Nicole F, Marketing Rep

“I really appreciated the amount of information ClearDegree had on hand for each potential school.


This information was presented clearly, and in a way that helped me easily compare them, so I could find the best one for me.”

Autumn B, Marketing

This service truly changed the way I look at grad school. After learning about different MBA programs and what each school values in a potential student, I feel in control. And feeling in control when approaching admission deadlines is something I've never experienced.


Considering the life-long impact of a grad school decision -- financial burden (debt), professional network, educational takeaways, professional opportunity, etc -- a simple yes or no from a school can dictate a lot.


To feel empowered entering into that sort of dynamic can be pivotal.

Levette C, Operations

I'd say, you can tell future clients this is a investment in your future. All too often people end up getting a degree from a school that didn't really fit their personal needs. They go for a variety of reasons however, I think it's normally because the school cost.


With that being said, Clear Degree is the way to go in order to help a person achieved their educational goals.

Zerene M, Manager

[The] expertise was invaluable. Even after deciding I wanted to take advantage of the new and improved ERP, and selecting what I wanted to study, I am not sure I would have gone through with seeking a degree without ClearDegree.


Actually selecting a program and the process of applying seemed really daunting and [they] made it seem easy. I now have absolutely no stress or fear about selecting a program and feel like I have multiple great options available to me.


Every question I had was answered and I never was made to feel dumb or pressured to make a choice or anything. Great customer service and an incredibly valuable process that is likely be the difference between me never bothering taking advantage of the ERP, and using it immediately (at least once!).


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