Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Partners with ClearDegree to Offer Personalized College Guidance

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Partners with ClearDegree to Offer Personalized College Guidance

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Partners with ClearDegree
Through a partnership with ClearDegree, Stewart Memorial employees utilizing tuition assistance on an online program work with a ClearDegree Education Concierge to find their perfect online degree program.

Lake City, IA healthcare leader Stewart Memorial Community Hospital is expanding its suite of employee education benefits in collaboration with the Education Concierge company ClearDegree. Stewart Memorial will be adding ClearDegree to its industry-leading tuition assistance program and further ensure that both employees and Stewart Memorial continue to maximize their education return on investment.

“During our initial engagement with ClearDegree the feedback was tremendous.” said Holly Espenhover, Chief People Officer. “While providing a tuition assistance program is important, adding ClearDegree too allows us to provide customization tied to employee and hospital goals, meaning that we are getting better outcomes for every dollar spent.”

ClearDegree, led by Dale Leatherwood and Todd Eicher, longtime experts in distance and higher education, has a mission to help companies develop a more educated workforce and help employees save thousands in time and tuition when searching for an ideal program.

Through this partnership, employees at Stewart Memorial that are interested in an online degree program are paired with a ClearDegree education consultant, who works with the employee through a series of interactive steps including profiling, research, negotiation and presentation of degree programs that are an ideal personal match. Along with a customized degree plan, the employee receives information on programs that are the perfect balance of brand, price and program to suit their individual needs and situation.

“There are a lot of mistakes that working adults make when searching for a degree,” notes Eicher, “they are bombarded with biased and aggressive marketing, swayed by convincing sales pitches or simply overwhelmed with the options. While online education has created more opportunity than ever to get a degree, with over 28,000 online programs there are plenty of ways to make a bad decision.”

“The fact that ClearDegree is an independent resource is important.” notes Espenhover. “Their solutions are based on research tied to our employee’s needs and aren’t swayed by relationships with specific colleges. As a result we can know that there is an unbiased, transparent expert in their corner to save time, save money and ensure they find the program that works best for them, not the school”

About Stewart Memorial Community Hospital

Stewart Memorial, located in Lake City, IA is focused on a mission that is “Committed to quality health and wellness for you and your family.” Stewart Memorial is dedicated to the continuing innovation of services for the Lake City area through excellent employees and a vision to “Transform the health of our communities by providing coordinated care and exceptional experiences.”

About ClearDegree

ClearDegree is on a mission to guide working adults to their ideal online degree program. As a result, companies develop a more educated workforce that increases productivity, employee retention, and internal promotions. They’ve created an individualized, multi-step approach based on conversation, customization and transparent, unbiased information. ClearDegree also helps clients save thousands in time and tuition with fully personalized degree plans. Learn more today at