The Biggest Mistake People Make When Choosing a Degree Program

Let’s say you’re a mom of three kids, each under 10 years old. You spend a lot of time with neighbors cooking out or on play dates, going to kid’s sports and maybe the nearby beach.

You have a coworker with a very similar job who works in an office in a different part of the country. She is single in her twenties and spends a lot of time on the road.

You find out that you’re being transferred to the same office as your co-worker and you’re trying to find the right house in the right neighborhood. Your friend says she has the perfect place right on her neighborhood!

You decide to make an offer on her recommended home after a quick check on Zillow.

Are you sure you’ll be happy?

This happens all the time when it comes to the second biggest investment that many adults are making – their college degree. People will often trust a friend’s recommendation and make the leap because they don’t know how else to confidently shop for a degree program. Often the less confidence we have in making a purchase, the MORE likely we are to defer to others based on THEIR experience, assuming it will related to our experience based on our personal relationship.

In fact, personal recommendations are one of the top reasons that people choose a school, and as a result the typical online student only researches an average of 2.5 schools when starting a degree program.

Finding the right degree program takes a lot more insight and investigation, and what works for even the closest friend, relative or colleague may not be the right choice for you.

Everyone has their own learning style, education goals, budgets and career paths. People have different preferences for brand, costs, time to completion and much more.

Doing the right research can mean the difference between spending a ton of money and being miserable (or even worse not finishing) and having the perfect online degree experience. When it comes to finding a degree, depending solely on a referral could be one of your biggest mistakes.

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