When is a Degree worth $37,000 (or $20k, $15k, or $0)?

When is a Degree worth $37,000 (or $20k, $15k, or $0)?

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A client was recently sent to us looking for a Bachelor’s degree in a pretty specialized field. He had already spoken to a local school regarding their online degree program, however the people reimbursing for the degree wanted a second opinion about the value of a degree.The client has an Associates degree, and as usual our work included all the profiling, school research and school interviews along with a full degree plan. The degree plan included an analysis of transfer credits and the potential savings in time and tuition based on the courses taken in for Associates degree.

Because the client’s Bachelor’s degree program is so specialized, the Associates degree courses won’t all transfer. This made the our analysis of transfer opportunities between the schools on the client’s short list extremely important. Based on the transfer credit estimate, the time and cost ended up as follows:

value of a degree program

The difference between School A (the school he’d already visited) and School D is nearly $37,000. It’s over twice the cost and 4 more classes – yet the brand, curriculum, services, student experience and support and several dozen other features we researched were very similar (and in some cases School A was not nearly as strong).

School B and D were also quite similar to School D with a price difference of over $20k+ and 6 additional courses.

However, School C offered several features and benefits potentially worth the $15k price difference:

  • Very strong brand and reputation in the specialized field
  • Accomplished, industry-expert faculty
  • The curriculum was a bit more in-depth in the field area
  • The curriculum and offered more coursework in a variety of disciplines within the field.
  • The school offered opportunities for minors in the degree area.

Now the client has the breadth and depth of information needed to decide on the ideal combination of brand, program and cost. Having as much expert information as possible not only helps to understand when the differences in brand and degree program may be worth $15,000, but also helps leverage that information when talking to the school about ways to reduce the costs.

Knowledge is power, and the investment in ClearDegree meant not only wasting $37,000 in tuition but also thousands in the time needed to find the best brand/price/program in the country for the money.

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