Why It’s So Hard to Find Degrees Online

Why It’s So Hard to Find Degrees Online

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Overheard in a house in Nashville, October 2018Okay, I’m finally going to do it. I’m finally going get my bachelors degree. Lisa at work has been talking about using the company’s tuition reimbursement to finish her degree, and it’s about time I finish what I started doing back before the kids were even born.

If I can get a degree in Health Care Admin, I can apply to be a manager in the new medical office the company is opening downtown in a couple of years. Then maybe we can finally afford to get a house!

My shifts have been all over the place, but if I go to school online then I’m pretty sure I can fit it into my schedule. Now I just need to find a good degree program. I guess I should start with Google, right?

[Types into Google] Online…Degree…Healthcare… Administration

Oh wow, that is a LOT of results. Looks like there are some schools here and some ranking sites. This one looks interesting, maybe it will save me some time.

[Clicks on BestOnlineHealthcareDegreesForYou.com]

OK, let’s see what we’ve got. I see a few schools here I’ve heard of, but I have to fill out a form to get any info. When Laurie filled out one of these she got like 50 phone calls that week!

And what does Sponsored Results mean anyway? Let me try another site.

[Goes back to the results, clicks on TheTopHealthMgmtProgramsinTheUSA.com]

This site looks a little better, they have the schools ranked with a number. What does the number mean? [scrolls down…] It says part of the score is a survey from 2012, and another part is the ranking on a DIFFERENT site – that makes no sense. But at least they include tuition on here.

Wait a minute, it says tuition for this school is just $8000! Sweet! But is that per semester? A year? The whole program? What does that add up to?

What about the classes I took at Tech a few years ago, do I deduct those classes?

Ugh, this is not cool. OK let’s go look at one of the school sites.

[Goes to NashvilleUniversity.edu]

Let’s start close to home and see what this one is all about.

[approximately 30 minutes and 96 clicks later]

Are you kidding me? It took THIS long to finally find out what the courses look like and what it costs, and I’m still not 100% sure since they have all those fees. And I have no idea if my classes will transfer, but it looks like a lot of the classes don’t match up with what I took at Tech. I wonder if they will tell me up front?

Still have so many questions. It says here some classes may be “synchronous”. What does that even mean? Who teaches these classes? I wonder if the school can help me with interviewing for that job downtown? Who do I call if I’m online at night working on a class? Am I going be stuck with some slacker in a group project and depend on them for my grades?

Geez, it’s already 11:00….

[Closes the laptop]

I guess I’ll work on this some more next week. If I can fit it in.

Better yet I’ll ask Rachel in HR, she can probably answer all of my questions

This is a pretty typical scenario for millions of working professionals looking to find degrees online. They are trying hard to move forward but lack the expertise, time and patience to do it the right way. The result is they either make no decision (week after week, month after month) or (even worse) they make the wrong decision and cost themselves and their company time and money.

What’s needed is clear and concise information on a few key areas, including the total cost of attendance, the value of current transfer credits, the format of the education, and what you’re getting for the money in terms of support resources, faculty and curriculum among other things.

HR professionals can help by not only providing tuition assistance but by including guidance on how to spend it wisely. There are several simple ways to help them down the path towards a degree, including a few that we’ve covered previously on the blog.

You can also click to see how ClearDegree can the work for you to make the ROI from tuition assistance grow dramatically.

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