How It Works

We combine personalized service and in-depth research to find the best online degree.

“[ClearDegree] provided me with all the tools necessary to determine what school and program worked best for me both personally and financially. All I had to do was pick which school fit my needs best – ClearDegree made my job easy!”
– Christine W, Raleigh NC


The higher education concierge for the working professional.

Whether you’re a company looking to enhance your employee’s education or an individual looking to get a leg up in your career, ClearDegree can make getting an online degree a better, more affordable experience.

ClearDegree’s only focus is our client – the employer or professional looking to improve through education. ClearDegree will never take money from a college to recommend their program or to sell your information.

The ClearDegree Process

ClearDegree focuses on understanding each clients situation and needs, and then tailors the results accordingly, finding the best online degree program.

See the various steps in the video or in detail below.

The ClearDegree Process

A Curated Online Degree Program: Because One Size Does NOT Fit All


We interview your employee, reviewing in depth their profile, preparation & preferences.


Based on the profile, we research and provide an initial match of up to 20 degree programs.


We review the list with the employee, creating a short list of up to 6 online degree programs.


We research the short list in depth, getting answers to over 40 questions on features, benefits and the student experience.


We look for opportunities to avoid costs and prerequisites, maximize transfer credits and more.


We present the detailed results so that you can decide on the Best Match for the employee’s specific situation.

Ready to Get Started?

By consulting with you individually, ClearDegree provides in depth, unbiased and personalized information on online degree programs. As a result our clients save time, save money and find a better fit because the entire experience is about them.