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Curated Degree Programs for Professionals are On the Rise

Our current era is one of shifting priorities when it comes to job seekers and job providers. The classic model of employee benefits being about dental insurance and a pension plan have shifted as job seekers begin to emphasize workplace culture and opportunities for growth. It comes as no surprise then that education benefits have…
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Compensation is MORE than Just a Dollar Amount – Why Your Company Shouldn’t Go Without Education Benefits

There are plenty of company benefits that have been used to attract and retain talented employees. Healthcare packages, for example, are a huge make-or-break line item for incoming trainees and whether or not they sign on to the job. Retirement savings contribution matching is another example of a benefit that is ubiquitous in the job…
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Why Most Education Benefits Programs Go Unused

It’s an all to familiar story: your organization has an amazing benefits package to get employees back to school. It’s good for you and it’s good for them, providing upward mobility and breaks on ever-growing tuition bills for employees as well as tax breaks and incentives for employers. And in spite of the allure, these…
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Associate Today. Management Tomorrow. How Tuition Reimbursement Programs Advance Degrees (and Employees)

ClearDegree explains how a tuition reimbursement program can get today’s existing employees the skills (and degree) needed to become tomorrow’s managers.

What’s the Difference Between Company Scholarships and Education Benefits?

There is no shortage of money for the motivated worker who wants to go back to school. Now more than ever, companies have seen the allure of offering educational benefits to employees that are driven to broaden their career goals. In fact, 87% of millennials label education benefits as very important to job selection and…
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It's Hard Out There for a Nurse Who Wants a Degree

It’s Hard Out there for a Nurse (Who Wants a BSN Degree)

It’s easy to waste time and money if you don’t find the right place to finish your bachelors degree. For example, see what Nurses deal with.

Is Tuition Reimbursement Taxable? A Guide

The upside to employer-sponsored educational benefits is well known; an educated workforce is a more qualified and effective workforce. That’s not to mention the value of building employee loyalty through supporting their professional growth. For the employee, the benefits can’t be argued. They get built-in funding to support their professional development without having to fight…
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How HR Must Navigate Prerequisites and Transfer Credit for Education Benefits

Now more than ever employees are taking advantage of employer-provided education benefits and heading back to school. These employees are making a huge leap out of both personal interest and the interests of their employer – as an educated worker is a more effective worker and supplementing education serves both parties. However, for the average…
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3 tips

3 Tips to Support Employees Earning their Degree

Your organization has joined the ranks of the 62% of all businesses offering a tuition reimbursement-based educational benefit for their employees. As management, you know that the costs can be intimidating, but they are far outweighed by the benefits of investing in your workforce. With an educational benefits plan in order there remains a single…
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How Internal Promotions Strengthen the Morale of Companies

Recruitment is costly so why not promote from within? ClearDegree shares how tuition assistance can expand your talent base from the inside